A big thank you to MaximizeVideo Productions, the entire production crew and the wonderful actors.  We look forward to sharing a very funny, high quality commercial very soon.  Here is a few snap shots from the day.

Elizabeth B, congratulations on winning a complimentary $25 Starbucks Card and a FREE Light Blue Basketweave Cup Vault. We look forward to seeing your happiness once you get to test out Cup Vault.

Santa looks to be enjoying his hot cocoa with his green Cup Vault by the fireplace.  Check out this wonderful endorsement.

Santa has found a great product to keep his hot cocoa hotter during his sleigh ride.  Check out this Christmas Radio Advertisement.  You are going to love it!


Congratulations to Betsy, our latest sweepstakes winner.  Thanks also for the great review.  Betsy said in her email  "I absolutely love it!! Will definitely be sharing about it with my friends! " Nice comments about Cup Vault, a remarkable coffee cup insulator.  There is no other coffee cup sleeve on the market as effective as Cup Vault.

No other product on the market can lock in your "To-Go" cup temperature this well.  This time lapse shows hot water poured into two cups, one plain, and one inserted into Cup Vault.  Starting temperature was 157 degrees.  The plain cup dropped to 110 degrees in 73 minutes while the same cup inserted in Cup Vault took 149 minutes for the same temperature drop.  Truly amazing!  Enjoy Cup Vault.


Thanks Carrie, and enjoy your Free Starbucks in your new Cup Vault!