What is Hometown Essentials Lactation Cookies

Hometown Essentials Lactation Cookies added to our offerings.  Deliciously improve your milk supply with our natural preservative free cookies.

What is Cup Vault?
Cup Vault is a patented revolutionary adjustable insulating sleeve for your "To-Go" cup that will keep your beverage hotter or colder for up to twice as long.

I disassembled my Cup Vault. How do I put it together? Simply stretch your silicone sleeve over the inner component of Cup Vault from the bottom up.  It may be easier to put Cup Vault upside down on a counter, moisten with water or soapy water, then stretch the silicone sleeve over  Cup Vault pulling the lip of the sleeve over the rim.

Is Cup Vault microwave safe?
Yes, and please be aware your beverage may be very hot to drink despite Cup Vault being cool to the touch.

How do I clean my Cup Vault?
Cup Vault is dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing with soap and water.

Does Cup Vault fit most "To-Go" cups?
Yes, most normal sized cups will fit nicely in the adjustable Cup Vault. We do not recommend inserting styrofoam cups as they may puncture while trying to remove.

How do I remove my "To-Go" cup from Cup Vault?
We recommend you use one hand to pull up on the cup lid while simultaneously gently pushing up from the bottom of the cup.

How long will my Starbucks Venti Coffee stay hot?
Our testing has shown a coffee served at 165 degrees F will still be at 125 degrees F after 1 hour 37 minutes compared to 47 minutes without Cup Vault.  Typical enjoyable drink times for a hot beverage are up to 2.5 hours.

Any tips to have Cup Vault keep my coffee at the best drinking temperature?

Yes, during our testing, we discovered it is best to start with coffee that is very hot.  The initial temperature drop will warm up Cup Vault, upon which Cup Vault slows the heat loss, and gains its advantage at keeping your coffee at a temperature perfect for drinking.  If you start with only warm coffee, you may drop the temperature below a satisfactory level before the temperature stabilizes. 

Does Cup Vault fit in my car's cup holder?
Yes, Cup Vault is designed to fit in most cup holders. It is great to use on the road, in the office, or at home.

Does Cup Vault come with any Guarantees?
Cup Vault will send a FREE replacement for products that are defective. Cup Vault must be notified within one month of the purchase to be eligible for a replacement. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.  Let us know if we can help you.

Is Cup Vault 100% Recyclable?
Yes, while Cup Vault is designed to be reusable, it is made of materials that are 100% recyclable.

Why should I use Cup Vault for cold beverages?
Cup Vault will not only keep your cold beverage colder longer, but will prevent your cup from sweating/dripping condensation.

Can I use Cup Vault for drinks in glasses?
Yes! Cup Vault works wonderfully for regular conical or "pint" shaped glasses. Try it with a cold beer or ice tea in a pint glass to be truly amazed!