Pre-Selected Bargain Bundles: To-Go Cup Insulating Sleeve- Lock in the Temp!


Pick from our preselected 4 packs of Cup Vaults to save $$.  Each image shows actual patterns and colors included.  Scroll through images to see the various selections offered in each bundle.  This is our best deal on Cup Vault.  

Cup Vault is an amazing insulator that will keep your "To-Go" beverage hotter or colder up to 2 times longer.  There is nothing else on the market that can provide this level of performance, yet be lightweight, stylish, durable, and affordable.

Perfect fit for Starbucks Venti and Grande cups. Adjustable to fit many sizes of cups and pint shaped glasses!  

Simply slide your cup into Cup Vault and enjoy.

Microwave safe, dishwasher safe, re-usable, adjustable, 100% recyclable, stain resistant, and covered with food grade FDA approved silicone.

$5 USA Shipping.

Note how well Cup Vault adjusts to various size drinks.  Just push down on your cup until a comfortable height is achieved. Cup Vault will stretch and open up and will not tear or break when it opens up. Cup Vault returns to normal size and shape upon removing the various cups.


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