Cup Vault Tests Reveal Exceptional 2X "To-Go" Cup Insulation

During a study of the insulating effectiveness of Cup Vault, a remarkable "drink" time was discovered.  Typical coffee houses may serve you hot drinks at approximately 165 degrees F.  Enjoyable hot beverage drinking may continue to temperatures below 125 degree F.  Beyond this, many may feel the drink is luke warm.  Through our tests, we compared the temperature drop of a hot beverage in a Venti Starbucks cup with a typical paper sleeve compared to the same beverage inserted into Cup Vault.  The findings were unbelievable.  Evaluating a temperature drop from 165 to 125 degrees F, the Cup Vault beverage stayed hot twice as long as the Venti cup with only a paper sleeve.  Results showed 96 minutes of drink time with Cup Vault versus only 47 minutes.  What this means to the average customer is that they won't be looking to microwave their Starbuck's drink when it goes cold, which actually could be detrimental to the flavor of the coffee.  Finally the last sip of a hot or cold drink will be enjoyed!

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